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SMEG Refrigerator 50’s Style FAB28

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  • The FAB28 colored refrigerators have become a cult object of style and creativity. They have recently been renewed with enriched interiors and unmistakable refined details.
  • Rounded curves and chrome details perfectly coordinate the interior and exterior door of the refrigerator.
  • The profiles of the balconies and glass shelves feature bright chrome finishes with a retro design.


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  • Product Family: Refrigerator
  • Installation: Free Standing
  • Category: One Door
  • Cooling type: Fan assisted
  • Defrost: Automatic for refrigerator, manual for freezer
  • Hinge position: Right
  • Hinge type: Standard


  • Finishing: Glossy
  • Aesthetics: 50’s Style
  • Design: Rounded
  • Material: Heat-molded
  • Handle type: Fixed
  • Handle: External
  • Handle color: Chrome
  • Side material: Steel
  • Door shelves profile color: Chrome
  • Drawers profile color: Chrome
  • Color of glass shelf profile: Chrome

Refrigerator Compartment Features:

  • No. of adjustable shelves: 2
  • Number of fruit and vegetables drawers: 1
  • Type of crisper/vegetable drawers cover: On sliding rails
  • Type of adjustable shelves: Glass
  • Crisper Cover: Yes
  • Type of crisper/vegetable drawers cover: Glass
  • Life Plus zone-0°C: -2°C +3 °C
  • Internal light in fridge: Yes
  • Type of internal light (fridge): LED

Refrigerator Inner Door:

  • No. of door shelves with transparent cover: 1
  • Number of adjustable door shelves: 1
  • Adjustable door shelves with wire support: Yes
  • No. of bottle shelves: 1
  • Bottle shelves with wire support: Yes

Other Refrigerator Features:

  • MultiFlow: Yes
  • Fan: Yes

Other Technical Features:

  • Door open alarm: Acoustic and visual
  • Antibacterial Gasket: Yes
  • Type of temperature control: Electronic
  • No. of compressors: 1
  • Type of compressor: Inverter

Performance/Energy Label:

  • Category of the household refrigerating appliance model: 7 – Refrigerator-freezer
  • Energy efficiency class: A+++
  • Annual energy consumption: 139 kWh/a
  • Total gross volume: 281 l
  • Fresh Food compartment – Storage Volume: 223 l
  • Fresh Food compartment – Gross Volume: 255 l
  • 0°C compartment – Storage Volume: 21 l
  • All Frozen Food compartments – Storage volume: 26 l
  • Total storage volume: 270 l
  • Gross volume frozen food compartment: 26 l
  • 4 Star compartment – Star rating: 4
  • Temperature Rise Time: 12 h
  • Freezing capacity: 2 Kg/24h
  • Climatic class: SN, N, ST, T
  • Airborne acoustical noise emissions: 38 dB(A) re 1pW

Electrical Connection:

  • Electrical connection rating: 90 W
  • Voltage (V): 220-240 V
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply cable length: 180 cm

Logistic Information:

  • Dimensions: 1530x601x728 mm
  • Width: 601 mm
  • Product width with maximum doors opening: 926 mm
  • Height: 1530 mm
  • Depth without handle: 728 mm
  • Product depth with handle: 768 mm
  • Product depth with doors open at 90°: 1197 mm
  • Net weight (kg): 73.500 kg
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Energy Label

Class A+++


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

  1. Ροβέρτος (verified owner)

    Γρήγορες απαντήσεις σε όλες τις ερωτήσεις, Κάνουν κάθε σημείωση σχετικά με την παραγγελία να συμβεί και όλα είναι κορυφαία! Εξαιρετικά έκπληκτος και ικανοποιημένος! Συνιστάται σε οποιονδήποτε εξακολουθεί να είναι σκεπτικός για αυτό το κατάστημα! 5/5 ελπίζουμε να συνεργαστούμε ξανά για περισσότερες επιχειρήσεις!

    Colors: Pastel Blue x 1


  2. Ali küçüker (verified owner)

    The support that these guys offer is unmatched.Excellent products, and cheaper than the other big electronics shops we have in Cyprus, really amazed with this product they have sold me

    Colors: Pink x 1

    Ali küçüker

  3. Γιώργος Κ (verified owner)

    Οι καλύτερες τιμές, οι εξυπηρετικοί άνθρωποι και οι γρήγορες απαντήσεις σε κάθε είδους πρόβλημα τους καθιστούν πολύ καλή παρέα. Ας ελπίσουμε να σας δω σύντομα παιδιά.

    Colors: Blue x 1

    Γιώργος Κ

  4. Zeki Ipcioglu (verified owner)

    I am really amazed with this shop!!! Simply the best in Cyprus! Skilled and supportive staff, variety of products,good price(cheapest in Cyprus and normal price if we compare it with other stores all over the world),good quality products and fast delivery!!! All these are enough to buy your fridge or oven from here!!!

    Colors: Pastel Green x 1

    Zeki Ipcioglu

  5. Dominic (verified owner)

    quick service, fast deliver, very polite and very good prices.

    Colors: Pink x 1


  6. Παναγιώτης Ζέζος (verified owner)

    f the local electronics prices weren’t crazy high in general, I’d prefer them over other local shops.

    Colors: Pastel Green x 1

    Παναγιώτης Ζέζος

  7. Fedros Daktyliades (verified owner)

    Γρήγορη και χρήσιμη εξυπηρέτηση και καθοδήγηση, χαρά να συνεργαστείτε μαζί σας και μέχρι την επόμενη φορά.

    Colors: White x 1

    Fedros Daktyliades

  8. Joanna Hadjiyianni (verified owner)

    Very professional and timely service and customer oriented approach, highly recommended to deal with this store!

    Colors: Lime Green x 1

    Joanna Hadjiyianni

  9. Παύλος (verified owner)

    perfect service and high quality on products

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  10. Gordei Sokolov (verified owner)

    Best prices, helpful people and fast answers to all kind of problem make them really good company. Hopefully see you soon guys.

    Colors: Lime Green x 1

    Gordei Sokolov

  11. Avery (verified owner)

    excellent. fast delivery

    Colors: Red x 1


  12. Samuel (verified owner)

    Αριστη εξυπηρέτηση! Πολύ καλές τιμές! Γρηγορη διανομή!

    Colors: White x 1


  13. Κώστας Καψούλη (verified owner)

    Best service in Cyprus. Fast shipping. Great work! Would highly recommend!!

    Colors: Cream x 1

    Κώστας Καψούλη

  14. Dylan (verified owner)

    I’ve only made one order and everything went smoothly. Relatively fast local delivery to my door (5 working days) and responsive when I called them with a question about my order. The packaging was good, a lot of protection around something as fragile as a tv, which was good to see!

    Colors: Pink x 1


  15. Avery (verified owner)

    Οι καλύτερες τιμές, οι εξυπηρετικοί άνθρωποι και οι γρήγορες απαντήσεις σε κάθε είδους πρόβλημα τους καθιστούν πολύ καλή παρέα. Ας ελπίσουμε να σας δω σύντομα παιδιά.

    Colors: Orange x 1


  16. Ματθαίος (verified owner)

    Well done guys … Fast shipping, bery good customer service and support

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  17. Ντίλαν (verified owner)

    Totally awesome service! Really quick service and responses in terms of communication!

    Colors: Black x 1


  18. Kaden Αραβικά (verified owner)

    Εξαιρετική εξυπηρέτηση, γρήγορη αποστολή, πολύ ακριβής περιγραφή των προϊόντων. Ευέλικτη και πολύ φιλική εξυπηρέτηση.

    Colors: Black x 1

    Kaden Αραβικά

  19. Miltos Voutiktis (verified owner)

    fast shipping, very good quality of the product, great performance

    Colors: Blue x 1

    Miltos Voutiktis

  20. Ρίκερ (verified owner)

    γρήγορη αποστολή, πολύ καλή ποιότητα του προϊόντος, εξαιρετική απόδοση

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  21. Panagiotis Kolokasides (verified owner)

    Fast replies to all questions, They make every note on the order happen, and everything is top notch! Extremely amazed and satisfied! Recommended to anyone that is still skeptical about this store! 5/5 hope to deal with you again for more business!

    Colors: Pastel Green x 1

    Panagiotis Kolokasides

  22. Panagiotis Sandis (verified owner)

    Πήρα τα προϊόντα μου σήμερα, πολύ γρήγορη αποστολή, πληροφορίες που δίνονται σε κάθε βήμα και αυτά τα παιδιά έχουν μεγάλη ποικιλία προϊόντων. Defınetly αγοράστε ξανά από αυτούς …..

    Colors: Cream x 1

    Panagiotis Sandis

  23. Εδουάρδος (verified owner)

    Professional staff professional service. Very happy with our purchase. Highly recommended

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