Siemens VSC7SIL1 Vacuum Cleaner

The new technologically advanced vacuum cleaner from Siemens, iQ700, with powerSensor technology for consistently top performance no matter how full the bag and extremely quiet operation.

  • Power: 650 Watt
  • Capacity: 5 l
  • Noise Level: 66 db
  • Absorption: Solid
  • Dust Collection: Bag
  • Filter Type: Hepa 13


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  • Innovative PowerSensor technology: No loss in performance, even when the bag is full
  • TwistControl: Perfect slip of the sole on any surface, thanks to the manual airflow adjustment.
  • QuattroPower technology: High performance technology from Siemens for excellent cleaning results with low power consumption
  • Quiet operation (66dB [A]), thanks to the built-in activeSound Control
  • HEPA filter: top filtering for even cleaner air return. Washable. No extra costs.


The ultimate technology to always have the top performance no matter how full the dust bag. The device’s sensors constantly measure its performance and adjust it accordingly so that it always stays top. This means that you will not need to change your vacuum cleaner bag before the special indicator lights up. Therefore, only when the bag is filled with 5L of powder will it need to be replaced! You no longer need to go through the same spot many times as you really have the ultimate cleansing. You also save money as the change of bag takes place at more sparse intervals and not when it is half full.

TwistControl – Adjustable for comfortable wiping

With this smart option you can easily and comfortably clean any floor without your foot “sticking” to difficult surfaces such as carpets. Set the switch to the point where it suits you with a simple rotation.

Hygiene – HEPA filter

With the washable HEPA high hygiene filter you have very clean air in your space. The filter is suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

Active Sound Control

Very quiet 66 db (A) operation, thanks to activeSound Control technology with silent air flow, multi-level sound insulation and anti-vibration design of the engine.

12m radius of action

With a very long cable and a radius of action of 12 meters so that you don’t have to constantly look for sockets at home while you are wiping.

Large bag capacity

It has a bag with a large capacity of 5L that allows the correct air flow and high cleaning efficiency.


Power                       650 Watt
Capacity                  5 lt
Noise Level            66 db
Absorption             Solid
Dust Collection     Bag
Filter type              Hepa 13
Suitable for Pets   No
Indication for Bag  Change                It has
Electronic Absorption Regulation    It has
Tubing                                Telescopic metal
Colour                                White
SilentClean Premium sole with clip type connection for extra strong cleaning performance, 3 in 1 accessories – nozzle, nozzle for upholstery and furniture brush  In addition
TwistControl manual airflow regulation, quattroPower technology
Weight in Kg  6.1
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Weight 1.5 kg


Power Vacuum

650 watt

Capacity Vacuum

5 liters

Type Vacuum