NEFF T26DS49N0 Autonomous Gas Heater 60 cm


The gas burner with stainless steel surface and the gradually adjustable FlameSelect.

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Technical specifications

  • Stainless steel surface
  • FlameSelect
  • Built-in multi-turn switches
  • Electric flame ignition with the turn of the switch
  • Stands for cast iron utensils
  • 4 gas burners
  • Front left: Standard output burner up to 1.75 kW (depending on gas type)
  • Rear left: Burner with a normal output up to 1.75 kW (depending on the gas type)
  • Rear right: High-speed burner up to 3 kW (depending on gas type)
  • Front right: Burner up to 1 kW (depending on gas type)
  • Thermoelectric switchgear of the gas supply to the burner
  • Accepts natural gas (20 mbar)
  • Includes LPG gas (28-30 / 37 mbar)
  • Total gas power up to 7.5 kW (depending on gas type)
  • Device dimensions (WxD): 582 mm x 520 mm
  • Embedded dimensions (HxWxD): 45 x 560-562 x 480-492 mm




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