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  • Α++ Energy Class
  • Net Capacity: 640L
  • Colour: Grey Glass
  • Inverter Compressor
  • DualFan Cooling
  • VIP Technology


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Hitachi R-WB800PRU5 (XGR) SidebySide refrigerator,  Full NoFrost,  A++ Energy Class and a total net capacity of 640L . Features inverter  compressor, Dual Fan Cooling System  , touchscreen, Aero-Care advanced technology in the vegetable compartment and innovative insulation technology Vacuum Insulation Panel.

Inverter Compressor:  Depending on the conditions inside the refrigerator and in the external environment, the Inverter compressor adjusts the intensity of cooling at an appropriate level for optimum cooling at all times.
Dual Fan Cooling System with two separate fans: The Dual Fan Cooling system ensures quick and efficient circulation of cold air, and two cooling fans channel independently in each section of the refrigerator. So, depending on conditions, cold air can only be fed into the part of maintenance or only in the freezer or in both parts.
VIP Innovative technology: The VIP is a thin panel with extremely high thermal insulation performance, an energy saving technology, which combined with the Inverter compressor, can achieve higher energy efficiency.
Vegetable compartment with Aero-care technology: A platinum catalyst maintains a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the vegetable drawer, thus ensuring that the vegetables remain fresh longer.
Handle with ergonomic assist for easier opening, it helps to open the case easily even when stored many vegetables.
Nano Titanium Filter: The catalytic activity of pioneer Nano Titanium technology eliminates bacteria and odors, protecting food.
Product Features
Full No Frost
New Dual Fan Cooling System Cooling
Advanced Aero-Care technology in the vegetables compartment
Inverter Compressor
New innovative insulation technology Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)
Innovative design of the handle in the vegetable drawer
LED Lighting
Electronic temperature control with micro computer
Ice case on freezer door
Spacious interior 77 cm width.
Energy class: A ++
Sound level: 46dB
Net maintenance capacity: 466 liters
Net freezer capacity: 174 liters
Door Color: Grey with crystal lined door
Dimensions (HxWxD): 91×183.5×80.8cm

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Energy Label

Class A++