FABER High-Light Built-In Design 90cm Cooker Hood 110.0456.206

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Five models, like in any family, share certain common components, which, at the same time, are also their distinctive features. An elegant, ultra-slim panel lights up all along its edge, becoming the “beating heart” of every model. High-Light, the innovative model with built-in design recessed in the ceiling, is marked by a thin steel panel with “thin and light” lines and volume. It is the perfect hood for furnishing an island cooking hob. Fitted out, moreover, with the powerful Evo Motor that, with its geometries that have been optimized by applying the latest studies of fluid dynamics, guarantees better results in terms of energy efficiency and reduced noise.


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Technical Features:

  • Description: High-Light WH MATT A91
  • Materials: White Matt
  • Number of Engines:1
  • Controls: Push Button
  • Lighting: 1 Led Frame 4000K
  • Filter: Aluminum
  • Width(mm): 910


Flow (m³h)160340490700
Power (Watt)103065145
Pressure (PA)35160330700
Noise Level (db)40566572


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