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BOSCH TAT7S25 Electric Toaster Graphite

  •  Built-in toasting resistors
  •  Defrost and preheat function: defrosts toast bread and makes it crispy
  •  Automatic centering for even toastinG
  •  Automatic switch-off: stops the toaster when the bread sticks


  • Call for availability:
    25 339018

    Please call in advance to check availability.


  • For two slices of toast
  • Wattage: 860-1050 W
  • Bun warmer, intergrated to fold away
  • Panel heating elements
  • Automatic bread centring for eveness of toasting
  • Electronic sensor for constant toasting performance
  • Ergonomic variable browning control with integrated release function
  • Frozen bread setting
  • High lift for easy removing small bread
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Cancel button
  • Safety switch off if toast becomes stuck
  • Easy storage: Cord keeper for simple and quick storage of the cable