Bosch MUM58720 Multifunctional Food Processor, 3.9 liters

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3D Planetary Mixing
7 Switch settings
Power: 1000 W
Color: Dark Red


Bosch MUM58720 from HomeProfessional Series, a superb quality Kitchen Machine that meets the very highest cooking and baking demands. It features a powerful 1000W motor with SensorTechnology and 3D Planetary Mixing system .

3D Planetary Mixing: Fast and perfect mixing of all ingredients; thanks to the improved planetary mixing system with a unique stirring movement in three dimensions at the same time
Powerful 1,000 W Motor for high volume or hard dough
SensorTechnology for ever stable mixing speed
EasyArmLift: Easy and effortless moving of the 3 zone multifunctional arm, by the push of a button
Additional Features
Integrated cable storage
Automatic stand-by setting of tools for easy filling of bowl
Big partly brushed stainless steel bowl 3,9L – for up to 2,7 kg of cake mixture or 1,9 kg yeast dough
All plastics that are in contact with food are BPA free
Rubber suction feet for extra stability
High safety due to overheating protection
Electronic safety shut-off
Accessories Included
Dough hook, beater and whisking attachment
Continuous shredder incl. 3 discs (reversible slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, grating disc medium-fine)
Plastic liquidiser attachment 1,25 l
With the useful accessory bag dark grey the patisserie set can easily be stored in the bowl
Interactive Recipe DVD
transparent lid with filler hole

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1000 watt

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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