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BOSCH MUC11W12 Multicooker White

  •  Easy cooking with guaranteed results: 48 preset programs that allow you to cook and enjoy a wide variety of dishes. For example, you can cook soups, steamed food, stews, fried food, risotto, pasta, pulses, food in a vacuum bag, meat, fish, desserts, cakes etc.
  •  Perfect cooking thanks to constant temperature. You can choose between 40°C (eg for homemade yogurt) to 160°C (eg for frying) in steps of 5°C.
  •  Amount of food for the whole family: 5lt non-stick dish that can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Steamer basket for healthy and tasty dishes

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Power: 900 Watts
Wide temperature range of 40°C-160°C that covers all your cooking needs
Timer: You can set the time you want the cooking to finish
Capacity: 5 liters

General characteristics

It has a booklet with short instructions for quick familiarization with the operation of the device and a QR code that leads to the application with the recipes
Personal setting (my recipe): Create your own favorite recipes by adjusting the temperature and operating time
Maintain heat function
Easy cleaning. The bowl and steamer are dishwasher safe
Non-stick bowl with Teflon coating for easy cleaning and good heat distribution
All plastics that come into contact with food are Bisphenol A free (BPA free)
Two-level basket for steaming two different materials at the same time (e.g. meat and vegetables)
High safety standards: automatic switch-off at the end of the program
Child safety (control screen lock)
Cool touch material that reduces the temperature of hot materials on the outside
Rubber feet for always stable device