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BOSCH MESM731M Slow Juicer VitaExtract 150 W Black, Brushed stainless steel

  •  Thanks to Bisphenol A (BPA free) plastics, food preparation is guaranteed to be hygienic, safe and comfortable.
  •  Easy to clean thanks to dishwasher safe parts
  •  Practical spout with DripStop that prevents dripping after extraction and continues to work without staining.
  • Gentle pressure of fruits and vegetables for maximum juice extraction and vitamin retention
  •  150W motor for low noise levels


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  • Unique technology of slow speed extraction (55 RPM) allows you to achieve more desirable effect – the ingredients retain its healthy content thanks to process of gentle squeezing
  • A high-performance and robust 150 W motor offers ultimate efficiency
  • MixControl lever for adjusting the amount of pulp and thickness of healthy juice
  • 3 filters (fine, coarse and sorbet) for healthy juices, smoothies and sorbets
  • Tritan screw with outstanding resistance easily squeezes tough fruits and vegetables, nuts or frozen fruits
  • Universal use for different types of fruit and vegetable
  • Silent operation not disturbing people at home
  • Reverse function to quickly resume juice making
  • Thanks to rubber rotation part you can easly mix the ingredients inside the juice bowl and pour the juice
  • Juice outlet with DripStop avoids dripping and provides for a clean working top after juicing
  • Included recipe booklet will inspire you with a lot of ideas not only for juices
  • Product components that come in contact with food are made of BPA free materials to keep you safe and healthy
  • Motor only runs if the appliance is assembled correctly with the lid closed
  • Specially designed brush for easy and precise cleaning
  • Comfortable cleaning comes with the convenient rubber rotation part – pour in water and let it clean the bowl while operating
  • Accessories removable for dishwasher
  • Accessories included: Juice container 1000 ml, Pulp container 1300 ml, 3 filters: fine, coarse and sorbet
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