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BOSCH MCP72GPW Citrus squeezer VitaStyle Citro

A citrus squeezer, a work of art


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Thanks to the plastics without Bisphenol A (BPA free) the preparation of the food is guaranteed to be healthy, safe and comfortable.

Homemade shakes and smoothies without any worries! All plastic parts that come in contact with your fruits and vegetables are made of BPA-free materials suitable for food contact.



High quality construction and award-winning design.

The award-winning Bosch appliance is made of high quality materials and catches the eye in the kitchen. Plus, with this blender you will enjoy really great smoothies.


Variety of Application:

Squeeze and serve with the 2 in 1 citrus squeezer

You usually need 2 cans of fresh juice – one to squeeze and one to serve. You now have a useful 2 in 1 device that works as an efficient citrus squeezer and as an impressive serving jug design. After squeezing the lemon, grapefruit or orange juice, you can serve it directly from the elegant glass carafe. A real gem at your breakfast table.

Two different containers for small and large quantities.

Whether you need a few drops of lemon juice or a large amount of fresh orange juice, this Bosch citrus juicer provides both. For small amounts just squeeze the citrus directly into the small juice collector. If you need large amounts of fresh juice, use the glass carafe.

For small and large fruits.

Squeeze the whole citrus – whether it’s a large grapefruit or a small lemon. Now you can squeeze the citrus fruit more efficiently down to the last drop thanks to the clockwise and counterclockwise movement of the cone.


Excellent Results:

Easy and comfortable spinning process with automatic start-up.

Spinning could not be easier and faster – just plug in the cable and press the citrus fruit of your choice onto the spinning cone. The appliance switches on automatically when you apply pressure. You do not need to press any other button.



Prevents stains from juice drops on your kitchen surfaces.

Ensure clean surfaces while squeezing fruit thanks to the DripStop function. The juice outlet is designed so that you can easily serve your juice without leaking any drops. The workbench in your kitchen stays clean during the preparation of your juice and serving.

Convenient cable storage and dust cover.

If you have not used the squeezer for a long time, dust may accumulate. Thanks to the practical cable storage and dust protection cone cover, you can now easily store your juicer. You no longer need to clean it before using it. Just remove the cover and get started.



Washing in the dishwasher.

Cleaning after use usually takes time. But not with this juicer. Its non-mechanical parts are safe to wash in the dishwasher.

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