Bosch BCS82MAT14 Upright Unlimited Gen2 Vacuum Cleaner

Up to 65 min Runtime
3-step operation options
TurboSpin Motor
Unlimited operating time
Easy Clean System


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As strong as a cordless broom.
Intuitive 3-step operation option to meet all cleaning needs:
Eco mode: extended operating time for greater cleaning
Automatic mode: top operation and efficiency solution with automatic power adjustment
Turbo mode: ultimate efficiency for optimal cleaning results
Automatic operation: the nozzle adjusts the performance according to the type of floor: carpet or hard floor
Bucket capacity: 0.4 l
AllFloor HighPower Brush with LED lights: an electric nozzle for intense cleaning of all floors
TurboSpin Motor: Made in Germany with a free 10 year warranty
Extendable service life: AC batteries allow you to extend your service life if needed
Number of batteries compatible with Power For All Alliance: 1
Power for ALL System: The battery is part of all Bosch 18-volt DIY and garden tools
Battery life 4.0 Ah:
Up to 65 minutes in Eco mode with non-electric accessories
Up to 55 minutes in Eco mode with electric floor nozzle
Up to 20 minutes in Automatic mode with electric floor nozzle
Up to 10 minutes in Turbo mode with electric floor nozzle
Lifetime filter material: filter cartridge with Pure Air membrane and filter ensures that the exhaust air is cleaner than the room air (99.99% filtration)
Cleaning filters: Easy cleaning of filters with RotationClean – rotating cleaning. No need to wash the filters
Easy handling to remove and empty the dust container
Easy Clean System: Easy to remove cleaning the brush from the sole

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