Bosch BCH87POW1 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Athlet ProPower

Easy Clean System
Unique SmartSensor Control technology
3 performance levels
Filter cleaning


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Rechargeable broom Athlet ProPower 36Vmax Black
The ProPower system combines a powerful battery, long service life, high-demand motors and a top electric foot.
Bosch lithium-ion technology: Durable and powerful rechargeable batteries, long service life with short charging time
LongLife engine for high efficiency and long life
AllFloor HighPower Brush: electric brush for high cleaning efficiency on all types of floors
Unique SmartSensor Control technology: extremely powerful suction system with minimal maintenance effort
3 performance levels
Level 1: for easy cleaning and maximum operating time
Level 2: for normal cleaning and normal operating times
Turbo level: for difficult cleaning and shorter operating time
Filter cleaning: Intelligent system with LED indicator that informs when filter cleaning is necessary
Easy handling to remove and empty the dust container
Hygienic filter for clean exhaust air
Very long continuous operation time: up to 80 Minutes
Absolute comfort: easy to use, store and clean, thanks to its light weight and special EasyClean system for easy cleaning
Easy Clean System: Easy to remove, clean the brush from the sole
Maximum flexibility: unrestricted cleanliness, around and under furniture, thanks to the extremely flexible sole connection
Free and stable operation even in a vertical position. For even easier installation, save storage space and flexible charging in each socket
Battery charge status indicator: yes
Short charging time:
3 hours (80% charged battery)
6 hours (100% charged battery)
Bucket capacity: 0.9 l
Soft touch Soft touch
Weight: 3kg

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