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Finally! No more cable, no more compromises. The Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner with up to 60 minutes of operation.

  • SmartSensor Control: Sensor technology that constantly monitors performance – powerful cleaning at all times.
  • Maximum flexibility: cordless wiping and no restrictions on corners and wallpapers thanks to the special set of Profi accessories
  • It stands on its own: always available, with easy storage and charging.
  • Absolute comfort: easy to use, store and clean, thanks to its light weight and special EasyClean system for easy cleaning
  • AllFloor High Power sole: one sole for all floors and for perfect results

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  • Call for availability:
    25 339018

    Please call in advance to check availability.


  • LongLife engine for high efficiency and long life
  • Bosch lithium-ion technology: Durable and powerful rechargeable batteries, long service life with short charging time
  • Complete cleaning results on all types of floors, thanks to the high-performance technology without a bag and the special AllFloor HighPower Brush
  • AllFloor HighPower Brush: electric brush for high cleaning efficiency on all types of floors
  • Sensor Control: maximum performance control based on a special sensor and helps with minimal cleaning effort. Activate the LED light when cleaning the filter is necessary.
  • 3 performance levels
    Level 1: for easy cleaning and maximum operating time
    Level 2: for normal cleaning operations and normal operating times
    Turbo level: for difficult cleaning and shorter operating time


  • Filter cleaning: Intelligent system with LED indicator that informs when filter cleaning is necessary
  • Easy handling to remove and empty the dust container
  • Hygienic plus filter for even cleaner re-emission air


  • Absolute comfort: easy to use, store and clean, thanks to its light weight and special EasyClean system for easy cleaning
  • Easy Clean System: Easy to remove, clean the brush from the sole
  • Maximum flexibility: sweeping without restrictions around and under the furniture, thanks to the extremely flexible sole as well as the easy installation of components from the special accessory set
  • Accessory kit: small handle that attaches to the body of the broom and adjustable conveyor belt, hose, upholstery foot and recessed nozzle – ideal for cleaning in hard to reach places. Easy and convenient handling
  • Free and stable operation even in a vertical position. For even easier installation, save storage space and flexible charging in each socket
  • Very long continuous operation time: up to 60 Minutes
  • Battery charge status indicator: yes, D
  • Short charging time:
    3 hours (80% charged battery)
    6 hours (100% charged battery)
  • Bucket capacity: 0.9 l
  • Soft touch Soft touch
  • Weight: 3kg


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